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Sight Word Games

Follow the links below to the free online sight word games. Your child will have lots of fun while developing their sight word recognition and spelling skills. These games will help children to learn to recognise the most common reading words on sight.


Sight Word Games - Dinosaur EggsDinosaur Eggs

A high frequency word is read aloud (click the sun to hear it again). You have to click the correct egg which matches the word you heard. (ICT Games)

Dolch Word GamesDolch Word Games

Read, listen and match the high frequency words in this memory game. This is the first game in a set which covers all the Dolch words. (

Sight Word Games - Number WordsNumber Words

Drag the number word to the correct number. If you get it right, the word turns green and sticks. If you get it wrong, it floats back again. (Crickweb)

Sight Word Games - Look Cover Write CheckLook, Cover, Write, Check

Choose a set of words then practise spelling them using the look, cover, write, check method. To use the high frequency words, click the red buttons from Easy to Hard on the right hand side. (ICT Games)

Sight Word Games - Look and SayFlash cards and spelling

Type in a list of words, then choose either flashcards or a spelling practice game. (Crickweb)

Sight Word Games - Colour WordsColour Words

Drag the number word to the correct number. If you get it right, the word turns green and sticks. If you get it wrong, it floats back again. (Crickweb)

Sight Word Games - Make a MatchMake a Match

Click two cards and see if they match. The words are read out clearly, making it a useful game even if the child doesn't know all of the words yet. (Starfall)

Sight Word Games - High Frequency Word GamesHigh Frequency Word Games

A set of six games to help with recognition of high frequency words. The idea is to drag the word on the left into a sentence so that it makes sense. (Sadlier-Oxford)

Sight Word Games - Word ReaderWord Reader

A high frequency word is read aloud and you have to click the flower with the matching word. (ICT Games)

Sight Word Games - Roy the Zebra GameRoy the Zebra

Drag the colour words to match them to the correct colour. There are also games on this site for days of the week, months of the year and number words (click the list on the left hand side). (Roy the Zebra)

The High Frequency Words site contains lots of free printable resources to help children learn the first 100 and next 200 high frequency words specified in the Letters and Sounds phonics programme.

Sight reading is particularly useful for those all-important and frequently used words which are quite tricky to sound out or spell phonetically. Developing an instant recognition of these words will give your child's reading a boost and help them to gain confidence. Learning the words from flashcards can be mind-numbingly boring, so using games (either online or card games) will help them to learn almost effortlessly. Sight words are also sometimes called key words, high frequency words, Dolsch words or Fry words.

Sight Word Video

This video goes through several sight words, putting them into a sentence to aid understanding. Then children are invited to try reading the words themselves. Great fun!

Sight Word Recommendations

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