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Safety in the Home

Useful links, games and resources to help children and families with safety in the home, including fire safety. There are games to test how good you are at spotting hazards in all the rooms of your house.

Follow the links in the table below to the safety in the home games.

Safety in the Home - Blaze AwareBlaze Aware

There are three parts to this game. First, read through the six fire safety rules and take the quiz. Next, visit the rooms in the hazard house and click on the fire hazards. Finally, you can dress the firefighter. (

Safety in the Home - Streetwise Home Safety GameStreetwise Home Safety Game

Use the arrow keys to move your character through the rooms. You have to find the biggest hazard in each room (one in each of six rooms). Press the space bar when you are close to the hazard. Each time you play the game, you will see different hazards to spot. (

Safety in the Home - Hazard HunterHazard Hunter

In this game, you have to spot five hazards in each room, and five hazards in the garden. You can try out a quiz to check your knowledge as well. (

Safety in the Home - Hampshire Fire ServiceFire Safety Games

Click on the hosepipes on the left hand side to start these fantastic games, all with a fire safety theme. You can build a fire engine, go to driving school, do quizzes and word searches. (

Home and Fire Safety Resources

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