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5 a Day - a fruit and vegetable funny face5 a Day

The 5 a Day campaign encourages people to eat a minimum of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Here you will find links to games, resources, recipes and information on the 5 a Day scheme.

Follow the links below to the 5 a Day games and activities - click on the picture or the name of the resource to start.

5 a Day Games

5 a day - Food ChampsFood Champs

This site has some nice little games for children, with a fruit and vegetable theme. There are also colouring and activity pages. (

5 a day - Vending Machine Mania GameVending Machine Mania Game

Use your mouse to move the character from left to right. Catch the food which pops out of the vending machine. If it's junk, throw it in the bin. If it's fruit or vegetables, give it to your friend. (

5 a day - Fruit and vegetable spot the differenceFruit and Vegetable Spot the Difference

Spot the differences between the two picture. Click the place in the right hand picture where you have found a difference - this is quite hard! (

5 a Day Printables

5 a Day - Fruit and vegetable word searchFruit and Vegetable Word Search

A word search for beginner readers. All the words are found by reading left to right - to make the word search more challenging, you could circle the fruits in one colour and the vegetables in another.

5 a Day - Printable 5 a day gamePrintable 5 a Day Game

A simple game which you can print onto thin card, colour, cut out and play. Be the first to fill your wheel with healthy fruit and vegetables - throw the junk away!

Make a Fruit and Vegetable Funny Face

Prepare some raw vegetables and fruit before asking your child to arrange them to make a funny face on a plate. You could use a peeler to make strips of carrot or grate an apple for hair. Sliced strawberries or kiwis make great eyes and a strip of red pepper will make a smiley mouth. The best bit is getting to eat your funny face when you've finished.

Here are some funny faces made by the children in one of my family learning classes, with a little help from their mums:

5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate
5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate
5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate 5 a Day - Funny Face Plate

Recommended 5 a Day Resources

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