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Addition Games

This collection of online addition games will help children to practise adding numbers and doing sums while having lots of fun. There are games here suitable for children in Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

Addition Games - Sum SenseSum Sense

This game is more challenging than it looks. Three or four tiles are displayed and the user has to drag them into the sum in the correct order so that it makes sense. You can choose how many questions you aim to answer against the clock. (Oswego)

Addition Games - Addition TestAddition Test

Click a switch to choose your level and a random addition will appear. Click in the white box and type your answer, then hit the big red button to check. (Ambleside Primary School)

Addition Games - Funky MummyFunky Mummy

You need to click next to start, then answer the sum at the top of the screen by clicking the correct mummy case. If you are right, the mummy will jump out and dance for you. (ICTGames)

Addition Games - Flight for FuelFlight for Fuel

This game introduces the idea of adding more than two numbers, such as 3 + 1 + 5 = 9. The aim is to collect the required amount of fuel for your spaceship by flying into the small amounts you need. If you collect too much fuel, you will crash. (ICTGames)

Addition Games - PowerlinesPowerlines

Powerlines is an absorbing game. The addition is quite straightforward, but working out the logic of how to fit the numbers in so that all the straight lines add up to the target is much harder than it looks (and quite addictive). (Oswego)

Recommended Addition Games

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