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Counting Games

These online counting games will help young children (age 2 to 6) get to grips with numbers. For the beginner, start with the counting games which can be limited to a maximum of 5 objects, such as the Ladybird Counting game, Gingerbread Men and Counting with Lecky.

Also included below are games for putting numbers into the correct sequence and matching the number of objects to a numeral.

Counting games - Gingerbread MenGingerbread Men

A super collection of activities for counting up to 5 or 10. (WMNet - Coventry City Council)

Counting games - Ladybird CountingLadybird Counting

Counting and ordering numbers up to five with ladybirds, snails and leaves (WMNet - Coventry City Council).

Counting games - Shoot the duck Shoot the Duck

This game uses a number line made of ducks, but the numbers are missing, so you have to count along and work out which duck to aim at. (ICTGames)

Counting games - Counting CaterpillarCounting Caterpillar

First choose the minimum and maximum numbers you would like to use, then drag the numbers into the correct order on the branch. (ICTGames)

Counting games - Counting with Lecky Counting with Lecky

Help Lecky the Alien to catch balloons, fish, leaves, butterflies and balls. Choose whether to count up to 5 or 10. Very child friendly! (Crickweb)

Counting games - Tamba's AbacusTamba's Abacus

Sing and count along with Tamba (CBeebies)

Counting games - Washing line numbersWashing line numbers

Hang the shirts on the washing line in the correct order. Choose from 1 to 5, even numbers to 10, odd numbers to 10 or a selection up to 20. (Crickweb)

Recommended Counting Games

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