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Breakfasts and Lunchboxes

These activities will show how important a good breakfast is at the start of your day and give you some great ideas for adding interest to your children's lunchboxes.

Follow the links below to free resources on healthy breakfasts and lunchboxes.

Breakfasts and Lunchboxes - A Healthy Lunchbox GameA Healthy Lunchbox Game

In this activity for Key Stage 1 children, you can choose a lunchbox then decide what you want to pack in it. There are some good ideas for trying different types of bread, such as pittas or bagels, plus lots of fillings and extras. (

Breakfasts and Lunchboxes - Lunchbox MakerLunchbox Maker

Pack your lunchbox and then find out how healthy it is. Advice is given on how you can make it healthier (

Breakfasts and Lunchboxes - Breakfast Detective GameBreakfast Detective Game

Drag the breakfast foods to match their clues. A fun game which will give some good ideas for breakfasts. It is a US game, so you have jelly for jam, oatmeal for porridge for example, which just makes it more challenging for UK players! (

Breakfasts and Lunchboxes - Healthy Breakfast GameHealthy Breakfast Game

Choose healthy foods for breakfast and answer questions about the food groups. You can choose different levels of the game for different age groups. (

Recommended Healthy Breakfast and Lunchbox Resources

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