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Multiplication Games

These free online multiplication games will provide lots of times table practice.

Multiplication Games - Camel TimesCamel Times

A good introduction to multiplication for KS1. The game starts with counting in twos and tens, relating this to times tables. (BBC Schools)

Multiplication Games - Mad 4 MathsMad 4 Maths

A great set of games to help you practise 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 times tables. There's a jigsaw puzzle for the 3 x table, pop the bubbles for 4 x, whack a mouse for 5 x, skateboarding for 6 x, catch the roof tiles for 7 x and climb the tree for the 8 times table. Great fun! (Mad 4 Maths)

Multiplication Games - BBC Skillswise Grid hspace=BBC Skillswise Grid

Some excellent times table grid games to help with both multiplication and division. You can choose which times tables you want to practise and whether to play against a timer. (BBC Skillswise)

Multiplication Games - Tables ShooterTables Shooter

Choose which multiplication table you want to practise, then move the spitfire so the target is over the correct answer. Press the space bar to shoot. (ICT Games)

Multiplication Games - Cloud ClickCloud Click

Click on a cloud to choose the times table you want to practise or choose mixed. When you have clicked on all the correct answers you are rewarded with a fireworks display. (eChalk)

Multiplication Games - MultibounceMultibounce

You can choose to practise a particular times table or go for "any" to really test yourself. In the game you have to move the bouncer so that the ball bounces off the correct number - quite tricky until you get used to it. (ICT Games)

Multiplication Games - Underwater times tablesUnderwater Times Tables

This game has a gentle pace. Once you have chosen which times table to practise you can then have the questions presented in order if you like (level 1) or in random order (level 2). This makes it a good game for when you are just starting to learn a new times table. (What2Learn)

Multiplication Games - Maths MagicianMaths Magician

Choose multiplication at either level 1 or level 2 from the first screen. Your challenge is to type in the answers to 50 or 100 mixed multiplication questions within five minutes. (Oswego)

Multiplication Games - Table TreesTable Trees

A simple game where you type in the answer to the times table question then check your answer. Choose any times table up to 12 or type in your own number and test yourself on 20 times table, 13 times table or anything you like! (Designed by Year 4 children at Ambleside Primary School)

Multiplication Games - Mission Times TableMission Times Table

In this times table quiz you will be tested to the limits - see if you can reach the stars. (Crickweb)

Multiplication Games - Tables TesterTables Tester

Click the level you want - easier, harder or megahard - to generate a sum. Type in the answer then click check. (Ambleside Primary)

Multiplication Games - Sum SenseSum Sense

This is quite a tricky game! You can set a target of how many questions you will answer within the time limit. Then you are presented with three or four number cards which you must arrange to make a multiplication sum. (Oswego)

Multiplication Games - Learn your TablesLearn your Tables

This site provides a great way to learn and test yourself on times tables. On the first screen, click on the table you want to practise, then click drag and drop for an activity where you drag the sum onto the correct answer. When you know lots of tables, you can test yourself on a mixture. (

Multiplication Games - Mental Maths Fridge MagnetsMental Maths Fridge Magnets

There are two levels and you can choose whether or not to play against the clock. For level A you have to drag the answer to times table sum into the boxes. Level B asks you to fill in the gaps, e.g. 5 x ? = 10. (BBC Skillswise)

Multiplication Games - GhostblastersGhost Blasters

On the first screen you can use the arrows to set the multiple you want to find. You have to click on all the ghosts which are a multiple of the number you chose. You get a point for each ghost you click correctly, but lose 10 points for clicking the wrong ghost. This game is very fast paced - you need to know your tables well with instant recall to get anywhere! (Oswego)

Multiplication Games - Hit the ButtonHit the Button

Choose times tables on the first screen then decide whether you want to hit the answer or hit the question. You can choose any times table to test yourself on up to 10 or click any for a mixture. It's a very straightforward game. See how many points you can score before your one minute runs out. (WMNet)

Multiplication Games - Conveyor BeltConveyor Belt

This game uses multiplication problems expressed in words, e.g. you buy 5 DVDs at £9 each, how much will it cost altogether. Level A is multiple choice, but for Level B you have to type your answer in. (BBC Skillswise)

Multiplication Recommendations

It takes lots of repetition to get multiplication facts firmly embedded so that they can be recalled instantly, but too much repetition on its own can be boring. A good knowledge of times tables is essential and these games make learning multiplication facts easy and fun. Children will want to play them over and over again, which will ensure that they get plenty of repetition.

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