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Preschool Games

Follow the links below to these great free online preschool games. I have chosen games which are bright, engaging and easy for young children to use. There is nothing worse than a game aimed for tots which is simply too difficult - I particularly dislike those online preschool games with a timer which doesn't give young children enough time to complete the activity, leaving them miserable and demotivated instead of having fun while they learn.

Preschool Games - Spot the DifferenceSpot the Difference

Look carefully at the pictures and click on the differences in the photo on the right hand side. There are three differences in each picture. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Nursery Rhyme Collage MakerNursery Rhyme Collage Maker

Choose a nursery rhyme then make a picture by dragging the characters and props into the scene. When you have finished, you can click Play to make the picture come to life and you can listen to the rhyme (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Mend the Family PhotoMend the Family Photo

Can you mend the family photo by dragging the pieces into the correct place? There are three different levels to choose from. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Balamory Nessie's StoryBalamory Nessie's Story

A rhyming story all about a trip to Loch Ness to look for Nessie the monster. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Colour TrainColour Train

Click the trucks to make the colours on your train match the one in the shed. (Crickweb)

Preschool Games - KitesKites

Look at the kites very carefully and click on the two which are exactly the same. On the younger kids level the kites have faces, on the older kids level they have more abstract patterns. (UpToTen)

Preschool Games - Razzledazzle RhymingRazzledazzle Rhyming

Use the picture clues to help you to click on the word to complete the rhyme. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Smarteenies Shape StoreSmarteenies Shape Store

Choose a picture, then drag shapes from the drawers to complete it. When you have finished, you can turn the picture into a movie. (CBeebies)

Preschool Games - Lecky's Colouring GameLecky's Colouring Game

Paint the picture choosing colours to match the example. When you have coloured all the pictures, you can print a certificate with your name on. (Crickweb)

Preschool Games - SnapdragonSnapdragon

If the two cards match, click SNAP. A nice simple game to practise matching pictures. (BBC Wales)

Preschool Games - CBeebies StoriesCBeebies Stories

An index of all the Cbeebies Stories.

As well as being lots of fun for three to five year olds (older children will enjoy them too), these preschool online games will help children to practise some of the skills which are useful for learning to read, such as matching shapes, which will help with letter recognition later, and rhyming.

Preschool Recommendations

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