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Money Games

These free online money games will help children with coin recognition, counting, adding and working out change. The money games on this page are suitable for children in Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Further down the page you will find some great sites for parents on family finance.

Money Games - Counting with moneyCounting with Money

Count the pennies and click the right amount. This game only uses the 1p coin and amounts up to 10, making it ideal for younger children. (BGfL)

Money Games - Money SplatMoney Splat

The game shows you two hands, each with a different amount of money. You have to click the hand which is holding 10p. It might be a 10p coin, 2 5p coins etc. (ICTGames)

Money Games - Buy two itemsBuy Two Items

Choose from several different games at various levels, starting with prices up to 5p. You have to decide on two items which can be bought from the shop for the exact price given. (WMNet)

Money Games - Price ChallengePrice Challenge

Click on the coins to make the total which matches the price of the item. If you exceed the total, you can click try again to clear the amount. This game goes up to a maximum price of 20p, but you can click here for a game which goes up to 50p. It doesn't matter which coins you choose, so you could pay for a 17p item by clicking the 1p 17 times, which makes the game suitable for different abilities. (ICTGames)

Money Games - Igloo ShoppingIgloo Shopping

Choose the right coins to help Molly pay for the items from the igloo shop. At the medium level the prices seem to go up to about 50p, but there is no 20p coin - you have to pay in 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p. (BBC Schools)

Money Games - Money MatchMoney Match

Click the coins to make up the amount for each item. There are six different levels, three for matching money and three for making change. Choose from prices of up to 20p, up to £1 or up to £5. (Crickweb)

Money Games - Change ExchangerChange Exchanger

To play the game, click the new button to get an item on your conveyor belt, then click the scanner to get the price. The customer will pay you with one coin and you have to click the right coins to give change. The easy level goes up to 10p, medium to 20p and hard to 50p. You can also click here for a version going up to £1 or £2. (ICTGames)

Money Games - Money BoxMoney Box

First, choose which money box you would like to use. Then click and drag any coins into the box, adding up the total as you go. Type in the amount you think is in the money box, then click check. (Crickweb)

Money Games - Shop til you DropShop 'til you Drop

The till shows you how much money you must spend. Drag items into the bag on the counter until you calculate you have spent as much as possible without going over the total. (Channel4Learning)

Money Games - Sweet ShopSweet Shop

Visit Mr Toffee's Sweet Shop and choose sweets totalling up to £2. You can either add up the amounts yourself or display the total, then you must choose coins to pay the correct amount. (Crickweb)

Money Games - Subtracting with MoneySubtracting with Money

Drag the coins to subtract one amount from another. Sometimes you will have to change a large coin into smaller coins of equivalent value so that you can do the subtraction. (BGfL)

Money Games - ShoppingShopping

Click on the notes you need to pay for the items in the shop. Use £10 and £5 notes and £1 coins to make up the total. All prices are in whole pounds. (PrimaryResources)

Money Games - Coin MachineCoin Machine

Click on the coins to pay the amount shown at the top of the screen. Be careful not to overshoot! You need quick mental addition skills to beat the timer. (PrimaryResources)

Family Finance

These sites have resources to help parents with budgeting as well as money maths skills.

Family Finance - Money Matters to MeMoney Matters to Me

This site tells you all about money, including where it comes from, spending and budgeting, consumer rights and loads more. There are interactive workshops, printable resources and different paths you can explore to match your circumstances.

Money Games - Change gameSkillswise Money Games

A collection of money games from the BBC Skillswise site. In the Change Game, you have to drag the coins into the customer's hand, giving them the correct change.

Money Printables

These fantastic free printable money resources will enable you to make games, worksheets and resources to help children learn about money.

Money Games Printables - Mega Money GridsMega Money Grids

Choose the coin you want to go up to (the easiest sheet will just have 1p and 2p coins). Once your grid is displayed, you can click Print to print it out, or Change to get a different grid using the same coins. The idea is to add up the coins in each row and column. (

Money Printables - SENTeacherSEN Teacher Money Printables

SEN Teacher has so many brilliant printable resources that it is easy to miss some real gems. Look for coin fans, coin cards, coin worksheets, coin dominoes and coin spinners. When you have found a resource you like, use the buttons on the right hand side of the screen to change the settings and make sure you use the print sheet button, not your browser's print button to get a perfect printout.

Recommended Money Games

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