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Place Value Games

When children have mastered counting up to ten or twenty and are ready to work with larger numbers, these place value games will help them to develop an understanding of how place value works. For example, children will learn that in the number 25, the 2 stands for two tens, and the 5 for five units.

Place Value Games - Dinosaur Place ValueDinosaur Place Value (numbers up to twenty)

Look at the number on the volcano, then click on the correct tens and units. (ICTGames)

Place Value Games - BeadsBeads Place Value

In "Free" mode you can drop beads onto the abacus and the numbers represented will be displayed at the bottom. Or choose "Computer Questions" for quiz questions which you must answer by dragging the beads into place. For example, make the highest even number using four beads. (BGfL)

Place Value Games - Partitioning Numbers GamePartitioning Numbers

This simple game uses ten rods to help children get the idea that two-digit numbers are made up of tens and units. (ICTGames)

Place Value Games - Place the PenguinsPlace the Penguins

Click the penguins and drag them to the correct place. This game has two levels. Level 1 is for 2-digit numbers and Level 2 includes 3-digit numbers (hundreds, tens and units). (BBC Schools)

Place Value Games - Shark PoolShark Pool

Count up the ten rods and the units then click the circle with the correct number in it. (ICTGames)

Place Value Games - Dolphin and Shark NumbersDolphin and Shark Numbers

You can choose to limit the numbers to 29 or 59. Count up the tens and units, then click the correct bubble. If you get it wrong, the shark will eat your boat! (ICTGames)

Place Value Games - LifeguardsLifeguards

The lifeboat will only move in steps of 10 or 1. Click the boat's pedals until you have reached the drowning swimmer, then click the lifebelt to rescue them. Covers place value for 2-digit numbers. (ICTGames)

Place Value Games - GolfGolf Place Value

This game includes reading and understanding numbers up to the thousands as well as answering questions about place value. (Toon University)

Place Value Recommendations

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