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What Do All Parents Need To Know Before Your Child Goes To School?

Books for children do more than just entertain

Books for children are a great way for you as a parent to spend quality time and form a bond with your child. Reading to your children is not only fun and exciting but educational for the child; this has long been well known in the field of child development.

One of the best ways for parents to help a child "learn how to learn" is to read to them. Not only is this a quality time activity, but it helps the child "read to learn", to listen, get actively involved in the story and increases their self-esteem. Notice I said, "read to learn", not “learn to read”.

If you follow the suggestions below, your child will know how to read, without being taught .

How can “learning to learn” be achieved?

Before I answer this question let me give you a few tips on reading to your child:

• read to your child every day

• read books with pictures, repetitive big words and short sentences

• when a child can say a word show them the written word

• start with naming words (nouns)

• then name verbs (action words) and act them out

• label the items in your house, write the names in big (at least 2 inch) letters

• always use large print text as a child's visual pathways are not fully formed in the early years

• play games with words, pictures and rhyming sounds

• stop and ask "what do you think will happen next?"

• run you finger under text - left to right, top to bottom, front to back

• start with alphabet recognition

• sound out the different sounds for each letter

• sound out words

What is the answer to help a child "learn how to learn"?: Do what child development experts suggest, and read to your child today. Reading is the bond between yourself and your child and an investment in their future! The main key to any storybook is that it should be a sensory, play-based activity and above all be fun.

Storybooks are an excellent resource for the parent that wants their child to excel and receive the sensory input that is necessary in the early years between birth and seven years of age.

The thing that all parents need to know, before your child goes to school, is to provide books for children, books which provide activities to feed the seven senses; Storybooks That Teach provide those activities.

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About The Author:

Paul Mackie is a licensed Early Childhood and Special Needs Educator.


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